At this present time, when the story of humanity and its patterns of conquest and control are in direct conflict with the story of the Earth and its patterns of biodiversity, how can we find our way back to the living Earth? Listen/Read More


When The Source Ran Free

Written during the early months of the pandemic, this piece describes the moment outside of time when everything is new, and is lived for the very first time–a primal awareness of a world awakening with wonder that we need as a seed for the future to come fully alive. Listen/Read More

When The Source Ran Free2023-01-21T14:54:54-08:00

Blood Moon

Walking early one morning I discover a blood moon through the trees, an encounter that reconnects me to the mystery of the multidimensional world that surrounds us. Listen/Read More

Blood Moon2023-01-21T14:54:54-08:00

Threads of Love

This podcast explores the intersection of spiritual practice and our ecological crisis, and how these two central threads have been woven into my own journey. Listen/Read More

Threads of Love2023-01-21T14:54:54-08:00

A Story of Beginnings
A Personal Story of Memories of Magic and Wonder

Once again my consciousness is drawn back to the early days, before of what we think of as “the Fall,” when the worlds of light and the physical world sang together. And how we need an awareness of this magical time not just as a myth, but a primal awareness, a seed of consciousness. Listen/Read More

A Story of Beginnings
A Personal Story of Memories of Magic and Wonder

Watching River Otters

Watching river otters in the nearby wetlands I sense a world without the conflict or division that is present all around us. They point to a doorway into a way of being with each other and the Earth that carries the secrets of our shared existence. Listen/Read More

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Love, Care & Community

As we walk into the liminal landscape of the present time, when so much is uncertain, what are the qualities we need to support us and reconnect us to each other and the more-than-human world that surrounds us? A sense of deep kinship is essential to our continued journey together with the Earth.  Listen/Read More

Love, Care & Community2023-01-21T14:54:54-08:00


In this piece I reflect on the limitations of language to describe a pathway to a living future. If we are to read the signs that are already around us we need words born not from our rational mind but the deeper rhythms of the soul and the land. Listen/Read More


A Hidden Pathway

A simple spiritual teaching is to live in the moment, the now. Rather than being caught in memories of the past or thoughts of the future we are attentive to the present moment, allowing us to be more aware and participate in life moment by moment. What is less understood is how this quality of presence can open a doorway to a different way of being, of sensing and feeling, that can help us to find a way back to a place of belonging and balance. Listen/Read More

A Hidden Pathway2023-01-22T12:19:00-08:00

Life Amidst the Ruins

What does it mean to live at the end of an era, and how can we hold the light that is left in this time of rising darkness to find our way towards a living future? We have to hold the threads of love that connect us, and the acts of care and generosity that express this love. Listen/Read More

Life Amidst the Ruins2023-01-22T12:19:11-08:00
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