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At this present time, when the story of humanity and its patterns of conquest and control are in direct conflict with the story of the Earth and its patterns of biodiversity, how can we find our way back to the living Earth? Listen/Read More


NEW Life Amidst the Ruins: Stories for a Living Future

by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, April 2022

I would like to tell a story about the end of the world. Not the end of the world as we know it, a world of supermarkets and cars, of airplane travel and pizzas. But the end of a light that has sustained humanity for millennia… Read More

NEW Life Amidst the Ruins: Stories for a Living Future2022-07-30T11:26:05-07:00

When The Source Ran Free

Written during the early months of the pandemic, this piece describes the moment outside of time when everything is new, and is lived for the very first time–a primal awareness of a world awakening with wonder that we need as a seed for the future to come fully alive. Listen/Read More

When The Source Ran Free2022-10-27T08:47:15-07:00

Blood Moon

Walking early one morning I discover a blood moon through the trees, an encounter that reconnects me to the mystery of the multidimensional world that surrounds us. Listen/Read More

Blood Moon2022-11-03T08:25:10-07:00
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