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At this present time, when the story of humanity and its patterns of conquest and control are in direct conflict with the story of the Earth and its patterns of biodiversity, how can we find our way back to the living Earth? Listen/Read More


Watching at the Edge of the World

At the edge of the world one can see not only storms building far out to sea, but also forces forming across continents. If we are to walk through these transitioning times of radical uncertainty, we need an awareness of these patterns, which often develop deep in the inner worlds, and determine so much of our shared destiny. Listen/Read More

Watching at the Edge of the World2023-03-06T14:37:39-08:00

Prayer of the Heart

As I experience our world becoming darker and more self-destructive, I am drawn more and more into prayer as a refuge and response. Prayer, like the first cry of a newborn baby or the final gasp of a dying person, is that most essential response of the heart and soul. It returns us to the only connection that can truly sustain us.  Listen/Read More

Prayer of the Heart2023-03-06T14:38:58-08:00

Listening To The Wind

In this time between stories, where are the visions to guide us, the dreams to follow? How can understand the conflicting forces that define our world and our shared future without this deeper wisdom? We have to learn once again how to listen to the rivers and wind, and to open the door to the visionary worlds that guided our ancestors.  Listen/Read More

Listening To The Wind2023-08-31T16:56:20-07:00

Love and Prayer

Praying for the Earth as a living being, I feel the love that runs through all things, every cell and every star. I sense that love is really all we have to give, and the meaning behind every experience that touches the soul. Love is life’s greatest gift and our greatest gift back to life. And especially at this time the Earth is calling out to be loved, to be held in the heart, in prayer and thanksgiving. Listen/Read More

Love and Prayer2023-08-30T14:20:03-07:00

A New Note in the Axis of Love

The axis of love runs through all things, present in every grain of sand, every drop of rain, every laugh, every tear. And this axis is coming alive in a new way—our hearts are being turned back to the physical world and the wonder of divine presence. We need to reaffirm the sacredness of the Earth we can see and touch, and how it is all a part of one living divine Being. And love will help us to see what our minds have forgotten.  Listen/Read More

A New Note in the Axis of Love2023-05-18T08:16:50-07:00

Colliding Forces

Collectively we are walking along a fault line where two eras meet, forces constellating deep within our psyche and within the Earth. And yet we have little understanding of these primal powers that are the great determining factors. How can we include the voice of the Earth, work together with the changes taking place within her body and soul? Listen/Read More

Colliding Forces2023-06-01T08:18:54-07:00

Angels and Devas

We are surrounded by many unseen worlds of angels and nature devas, spirit guides and elemental beings, and yet we have cut ourself off from these worlds, their wisdom and guidance. We are helped in so many mysterious ways about which our present culture knows nothing. This short reflection reminds us of the multidimensional world in which we live, these hidden companions of our journey in life. Listen/Read More

Angels and Devas2023-08-30T14:27:54-07:00

Into the Light and Back Again

A final piece that describes part of my own journey into the light and back again, a personal description of the landscape of light and love into which I was taken, and how this landscape has defined much of my later years. I also hope that the angels and devas that have become the companions of my old age will at some time in the future be a part of a reawakening world, an animate Earth becoming fully alive. Listen/Read More

Into the Light and Back Again2023-08-30T14:32:53-07:00
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