Watching the Stars

Watching the stars, the Milky Way stretching across the sky, I sense how the changes happening within the Earth reach far into the cosmos. Our journey together with the Earth is taking us through the debris of a civilization causing ecocide, but also reconnecting us with patterns long forgotten, with myths and sacred meaning lost from our rational minds, a landscape which includes the heavens. Listen/Read More

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The Living Moment: Reflections of an Old Man

Getting older I find it easier to be more fully in the moment, a place without clocks or calendars. The present moment is all around us, though mostly hidden, covered by our thoughts and the patterns of the day. It contains both the outer physical world of the senses and also the mystery of the soul, a dimension full of meaning and spiritual secrets. Listen/Read More

The Living Moment: Reflections of an Old Man2023-07-12T15:34:52-07:00

Living Oneness

Oneness is a foundational principle for the new era, but in order to recognize how we are a part of this living wholeness we need a new quality of perception, less rigid and more fluid. We need to become more aware of the patterns of interconnection that link together the biosphere, and also the worlds of magic and sacred meaning.
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Earth Changes

In order to understand more fully the changes taking place I try to let the Earth and my heart speak to me, tell me their story, how the threads of creation are being rewoven into a new pattern. What does it mean that a doorway between the worlds is opening? How can those whose hearts are open become part of a prayer that speaks to the Earth, that welcomes what is being born within Her? Listen/Read More

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A Dream of the Earth

Around us we can see the cascading crises of the end of an era, but we have little awareness of how the Earth Herself is changing. Even as the Earth is suffering, life is recreating itself. There are deep patterns of realignment taking place, patterns that need our cooperation, our co-creation. Listen/Read More

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The Gift of a Garden

In this liminal landscape, a place between stories, it is more and more important to find a place of belonging. In my own journey this has been the gift of a garden, a place where the worlds come together, the spirits of the land and the beings of light, together with the beauty and colors that change with the seasons. Listen/Read More

The Gift of a Garden2023-05-03T16:27:50-07:00

A Four-Point Plan Revisited

What should we do in response to the present time of darkening and cascading crises? Although there is much work to be done in the outer world, there are also simple steps taking us from witnessing to grief to love, so that we may participate in the transformation of the Earth Herself. Listen/Read More

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As an interlude between Series 2, From the Edge of the World, and Series 3, Stories of the Heart, I want to go back to the beginning, to a talk “Awakening” given in 2007. This talk explores the foundational question of the relationship between our own individual spiritual journey and the Earth changes taking place which I have described in the previous podcasts, in particular how our spiritual awakening belongs to the whole of life.

In the early years of this century this spark of a global awakening was fully present. Sadly in the years since it has been covered over by the distortions and polycrisis of the present time. But it still remains in the seeds for a living future, waiting to be awakened.  Listen/Read More


The Space Between Stories

This short piece is an interlude between Stories for a Living Future Series One, and Series Two: From the Edge of the World. It explores the need to hold a space between stories, between the known and unknown worlds, a space that is also present with each and every breath. Listen/Read More

The Space Between Stories2023-02-01T20:37:09-08:00

When The Source Ran Free

Written during the early months of the pandemic, this piece describes the moment outside of time when everything is new, and is lived for the very first time–a primal awareness of a world awakening with wonder that we need as a seed for the future to come fully alive. Listen/Read More

When The Source Ran Free2023-01-21T14:54:54-08:00
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