by Anat Vaughan-Lee, August 2012

I woke up with the sound of bells ringing. It sounded and felt like a massive sound, as if bells were ringing from every top of every mountain, but mounting to ONE sound from a huge bell. The sound contained within it an unmistaken phrase: PLEASE REMEMBER! It had a feeling of bended knees and a heart so terribly open, pleading. The sound had the whole feel of the landscape within it and it penetrated my body—sky, mountains, earth. I was all of it too.

And in the midst of it was again was this unmistaken word: PLEASE REMEMBER! Then these words began to go through me like a bead on the mala, passing through me like on a thread, and my whole body began to sway. And the sway began to gather momentum. All became like one heart beating.

Then I noticed that the place I was in was a town. It was an old town, somewhere on a mountain area where all the houses were built of stone. It felt empty or abandoned. The only thing that I saw clearly is the bell tower and the empty narrow street.  I am standing just below the bell tower, but I do not see its top. I am asking my self: Why am I here ?  Why below the bell tower? Why is the town empty? Is it because the old bell tower used to be at the center of life in the town and thus it drew me here?

I was looking up the narrow street ahead of me and I could see the sun just rising over the mountain. This rising sun had an unusual feeling to it as it was covered with some kind of mist.  It was clear from the first glance that it was not a morning mist, or fog, but a mist which had a feeling of not of this world—as if the sun was/is a soul rising.
My body which now was one with the sound of the bell and the whole of the landscape stood in full attention. I greeted the sun from the silence of my being. I welcomed it. I felt its warmth. It was powerful but also gentle. It had a circumference but at the same time it was everywhere.

What is it that I am asked to remember and bring through? It was clear that this was not just for my self. And then I heard the same sentence again: PLEASE REMEMBER .

PLEASE REMEMBER that this every morning rising is a soul. It is alive. It has a presence that permeates all, within and without. I know it is in my body. It is streaming through me with every beat of the heart as if the heart is a station which everything passes through. With every heartbeat the blood carries this amazing energy flow, which connects to every breath, and the soul, the earth and the body are breathing this one amazing breath. Heart, breath, body, soul and earth, are the sound of a universal bell, a calling to REMEMBER.