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Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Transcription of a talk given in
Seattle, Washington, May 18 - 2007

What I want to talk about this evening is the anima mundi -- the soul of the world. And actually I don’t want to just talk about the anima mundi, I want to see if we can invoke Her presence -- this living spirit of creation...(Full Article)

You could not discover the boundaries of the soul,
even if you travelled by every path in order to do so, so deep a measure does it have.

My heart is longing for a lost knowledge, slipped down out of the minds of men.
-from the Sanscrit poem Black Marigolds, Chaura-panchasika, 1st century ce

Anne Baring

Once upon a time, in a past so distant that we have no memory of it, the invisible and visible dimensions of life were imagined and instinctively experienced as a sacred unity. In the great civilisations of the Bronze Age (c.3000 bce), particularly those of Egypt, India and China, the whole cosmos was envisioned as a living being and the manifest world was seen as an epiphany or showing forth of an unseen source which breathed it into being, animating and sustaining it: the air itself was experienced as the invisible presence of that world - an “awesome mystery joining the human and extrahuman worlds.”(1) Just as the stars emerged each night from the darkness of the night sky, so the visible universe was born from the dark mystery of the invisible. Everything - plants, trees, animals and birds as well as moon, sun and stars - was infused with divinity because each and all were part of a living, breathing web of life... (Full Article)

For those who are awake the cosmos is one.
- Heraclitus

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

The breath belongs to the esoteric core of much spiritual work and the processes of inner transformation. Just as breathing is fundamental to many forms of life, breath and the awareness of the breath is central to many spiritual practices, whether it is the simple meditation practice of watching your breath, or repeating a mantra or dhikr. (Full Article)

Duane Elgin

Humanity's Fourth Awakening

In the previous chapter, we considered powerful adversity trends that are pushing humanity toward an evolutionary crash.  In the next four chapters, we turn to consider equally powerful opportunity trends that are pulling us toward a positive future -- an evolutionary bounce.    
The first opportunity trend that could transform our impending crash into a spectacular bounce is a shift in our shared view of the universe -- from thinking of it as dead to experiencing it as alive.  In regarding the universe as alive and ourselves as continuously sustained within that aliveness, we see that we are intimately related to everything that exists. (Full Article)

Sandra Ingerman

When I was researching different spiritual teachings for Medicine for the Earth I found the underlying principle of esoteric beliefs is that all life is made of light. As human beings with egos we often forget our true nature and we over identify with our personalities and bodies. We are light in bodies. (Article Excerpt)

The Contribution of the Feminine

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

This is an excerpt from the final chapter of the book, "Working with Oneness"

Life is an interconnected whole, and the energy of life flows through the web of connections that link part to part. Human beings can work with this energy, to help it flow freely on all levels and to reach every part of the whole. Now, at this time of transition as we move out of one stage in our evolution and into the next, we are being asked to do this-to work consciously with the energy that flows through the web of connections, so that the oneness of life can shape the consciousness of the next age. (Full Article)